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Bonfire Night Safety Tips for Pets and Children

This weekend just gone Roo, Daddy E and I all headed off to my parents for a little family fireworks show and to do an early celebration for bonfire night.  This would be Roo’s second year of going to a little family fireworks party and we quite like doing something at home as we can choose the fireworks we let off and either watch inside or stand out on the patio whilst Daddy E and my dad huddle down the bottom of the garden.  We always are very careful with fireworks and this year more so as Roo had wanted to try some sparklers so we had to be on the ball with telling her how to hold them, what not to do and disposing of them safely afterwards.  So here’s a few bonfire night safety tips to keep you all safe this year.

We also have to bear in mind our pets; we are a cat mad family and my cats always get a bit stressed at this time of year and my mum’s bengal cat retreats to the garage and cowers under boxes for a few days.

Our event was a great success with much ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ by all and copious amounts of hot dogs and ketchup consumed as well as corn on the cob and coleslaw.  Please though if you are having your own bonfire night event or going to an organised display take a minute to check out the bonfire night health and safety guide online, to ensure that you and your children know how to stay safe and be safe.

Also if you have pets and want to keep them as comfortable and stress free as possible there is a brilliant website listing the top 10 tips for looking after your pets on bonfire night which has some excellent ideas including giving them a high carb meal as this may make them more sleepy and therefore calmer.

You can read all the bonfire night safety tips here.  Whatever you are doing for Bonfire Night have a fantastic time and I hope you all stay safe.

Bonfire Night Safety Advice from GJWTitmuss

Courtesy of GJW Titmuss

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