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Take Note: Bloggers Have Social Klout

socialmediaDespite what some say about my job working in social media I do not spend all day on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest doing ‘nothing’ – I do actually research trends and look at why this is becoming such a popular area for many to work in.  It cannot be denied that many bloggers have social klout online and are clearly brilliant at what they blog and tweet about.  Many mum’s have gone on to make careers out of their writings and are successful women with an excellent network of contacts who should be listened to.  I have a ‘Hire Me’ page that invites companies to work with me on a longer term scale to help them build or manage an online reputation and one of my most popular blogs every time is a review I did of the Nano Speed Crash Set that gets over 2000 impressions a month.

So when brands ask me just how much attention do other mum’s place on reviews and do they need a blog and to work with the blogger outreach community my answer is a big YES!  Whilst it may seem like a headache and another area to get involved with as this infographic from the guys at Diffusion PR shows the power of buying decisions that may bloggers have in influencing end customers.  A staggering 40% of mums have read a post, comment or review online and then decided to purchase the product because of what they have read. 

I am always looking for reviews from bloggers before making purchases, just recently I was after some new makeup brushes.  This was a minefield online and so I turned to twitter and the world of beauty bloggers.  A quick tweet asking for recommendations for brushes under £50 threw up numerous reviews that helped me in my decision.  Job done, product bought based on a recommendation.

So, the next time you think about buying a product online where will you turn to first? Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, your friends?  If you’re a PR or brand thinking of working with bloggers this is why we’re pretty powerful in what we do and can be hugely influential in helping spread the word about something relevant to your target audience.


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  1. I 100 percent agree with this. It’s rare that I make an important purchase anymore without reading blog reviews. And twitter is wonderful for fashion and beauty recommendations. I never trust magazines anymore because they basically promote products from their key advertisers. Word of mouth is far more trustworthy.
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