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Blade and Rose Baby Leggings

When I was offered the chance to review some Blade and Rose baby leggings I jumped at the chance, because not only are they practical, but the designs are quite frankly totally gorgeous! I was keen to test them out as Roo loves leggings, hates tights with skirts and I wanted something that was easy for her to take on and off and that was comfortable.

The decision was not an easy one when trying to decide which ones we wanted as there are lot of designs to choose from. Most of you will know my sense of humour is a bit out there so I opted for the but I opted for the Strawberry leggings as Roo has such a cute bottom that it would be quite easy to nibble it if it was a strawberry!

The leggings arrived and were beautifully packaged in tissue with a Blade & Rose sticker. The material was similar to that of a woolly tight and had a wide comfortable waistband which was perfect for sitting next to delicate skin and not at all itchy to the touch. The fabric is nice and stretch and the 24 – 36 months fitted Roo who is three and a half perfectly so they have some good wear in them and are well sized.

I love the fact that the legs are red and white stripe and remind me of Dr Seuss’s hat and then on the bottom are the most gorgeous strawberries which looked absolutely comical when Roo was bending over to get things and running around in the garden. We gave them a good testing by sending her off to pre-school in them as I knew she’d be on her knees most of the day doing rough and tumble.

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When I picked her up the leggings although needing a wash, were not torn or fuzzed in any way and had stood up pretty well to the hard surfaces at pre-school. They had posed no problems to Roo during the day to get on and off and once home I popped them in the washer on a quick 30 wash. The baby leggings emerged clean and not bobbly unlike woollen tights and still very soft.

Roo has loved wearing them and we’ve had a lot of comments when going out and about in them from other parents who think they are really funky and much better thank sickly pastel tights!

Currently on the Blade & Rose website there are six different designs of the baby leggings available, and the leggings come in the following sizes:

  • 0-6 months
  • 6-12 months
  • 12-24 months
  • 24-36 months

At three and a half Roo can comfortably fit in the largest size and there’s still room yet for a few more months wear. I’ve teamed Roo’s leggings with a smock dress but she’s also worn them with a long over shirt, raa-raa skirts and jumpers so they are really versatile.

Priced at £10 I think they are good value, hard wearing, soft against little tummies and great fun! They also offer free delivery on orders over £30 – so get clicking!

Blade and Rose provide innovative, funky, high quality baby leggings.  The designs are the creations of mum of two Amanda Peffer who was inspired by her own little girl who always had her bum on show.  The leggings combine modern funky designs with top quality yarn.The brand’s name Blade & Rose is a combination of Amanda’s two children’s middle names, she developed the concept whilst on maternity leave whilst constantly arranging her baby girls dress’s so the tight gusset wasn’t on show and hence she was inspired to look for alternative solutions.

You can view the full range of Blade and Rose Baby Leggings online and also follow them on twitter and join them on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Blade and Rose Baby Leggings

  1. Oh, these look absolutely adorable! Question though on sizing:- my daughter is coming up for 3 years old (on Saturday), she is quite tall for her age and is wearing 3-4 year old size clothing. What are your thoughts on the 24-36 months size? Am thinking will be short, but maybe get by as almost 3/4 look for the summer… yes, I know, possibly clutching at straws but they are super-cute! Thanks. x

    1. Hi Suzanne thanks for your comment – Roo is three and a half and she’s in 3 – 4 clothes and some 4 – 5. The tights have plenty of room in them and come to her ankles presently so I would say you definitely will get your little girl in them for her birthday 🙂

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