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Winter Sun in the Canary Isles

Having spent the last two weeks out here in gorgeously sunny, laid back California I can honestly say that a bit of Winter sun does wonders for recharging the batteries and making you feel good, plus it’s a great way to avoid the horrendous rain and cold back in Blighty!

Making the long trek though across the ocean to California though is a bit far for many and somewhere that is a great winter sun destination and much closer to home is Tenerife. With great resorts on offer like Las Canteras Beach the Canary Islands is a great destination for family holidays and is a perfect jet-away for some rest and relaxation.

During the months of December and January the beaches come alive with sand sculptures that reach 4 meters in height and are claimed to be some of the best in the world. And not to mention the beautiful landscapes as well enjoying 22 degree sunny weather in winter – what could possibly make a better holiday destination when it’s 6 degrees in the UK!

This video showing the detail and amazing skill behind some of the sand sculpture is absolutely breathtaking…I’m lucky if I can manage building a half decent sand castle with a bucket and spade and was gob smacked at this outdoor nativity scene which spans a seriously impressive 1800sq metres!

Getting the kids to re-create this would give you hours of peace and quiet on the beach….cunning plan!

If you fancy jetting off on a trip to the Canary Islands then Promotur Turismo Canarias, S.A. could just make that happen.

So maybe you and the other half or one of the girls fancy a cheeky week away to kick back, have fun and soak up the sun and enjoy the beaches and sip a few cocktails by the side of the pool whilst the rest of your friends and family battle through the supposed ‘100 days of snow’ that we are yet to endure.


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