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Birthday Presents for Summer Babies

Birthdays are an exciting time for everyone, but especially for your little one. It’s a day on which they are praised simply for existing – who isn’t excited about that? However, it can be difficult to choose presents for your child without spoiling them, especially if there are grandparents or extended family members who want to get involved too. One important consideration to remember is that presents will be used straight away – so for a summer birthday, here are some gift ideas to get your child outside and active, making the most of the sun.

kids space hoppers

Tricycles (age 1+)

For tiny wee things, a tricycle is a perfect ‘first’ active present, designed to help children with their mobility. Baby tricycles are the most readily available, designed for children aged 1-3 years, although there are models available for 3-7 year olds if you aren’t sure about moving them up to a bicycle yet. Metal frames are the safest option as they are more durable, adjustable seats are the most long-lasting, and many come with fun custom additions, from a motorcycle style trike to adorable vintage features.

Scooters and Skateboards (Age 7+)

Nobody can deny – regardless of age – that skateboards and scooters aren’t cool. These make a great new toy for any boy or girl, especially if they are already into sports, and provides hours and hours of fun for learning new tricks or just horsing around. If your child is old enough to walk to school unsupervised, these have the potential to be a sort of first vehicle for them, as a mode of transport for them – just ensure they have somewhere safe (like a teacher’s office or classroom) to leave them. Don’t forget to add safety headgear and pads too!

I have to say investing a scooter for Addison was such a great idea; its brilliant to take into town of a weekend and make shopping fun and also is perfect for the school run and much easier to carry around than her bike.

kids scooters

A ‘First’ Experience (Age 9+)

taking kids to a theme park

Once your little one gets less little, you can start having a little more fun with the present planning. Taking your child on a first experience – trip to the city, seeing the circus or a concert – creates a lovely shared memory. For younger children, visits to big interactive museums or wildlife parks go down a treat, while teenagers will be forever grateful for the chance to see their favourite musical show or band live. Ticket sales are often online, so a quick web search on the specific artist or performance will help you track down the most suitable vendor.

With Addison being a winter baby we don’t often get many outdoor toys for her presents in October so make the most of the summer months by getting lots of fun things to do outside in the sunshine.

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