Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

I am terrible at having breakfast in the morning. I either go from one extreme to the other of eating too much too early and then by 11am am ravenous again or forget completely and end up picking and snacking by mid morning.  So when I got the opportunity to try out a selection of the Belvita Breakfast biscuits I literally bit the arm of the PR lady as I had seen these in the shops and had been meaning to try them.

Generally I put myself in the camp where I am not a breakfast person, I find the idea of eating anything at 7am stomach churning, and usually settle for a couple of gulps of tea in between getting Daddy E off to work and Roo’s cup of tea in the morning.  I remember the advert for the Belvita Breakfast biscuits in which Lisa Snowdon opts for a Belvita over a bacon sandwich. I’m not sure I’d make the same choice if a bacon sandwich was on offer — but maybe that’s just me!

When I used to do Weight-Watchers, people used to talk about how filling and low in points they were (1pp per biscuit or 3pp for two) so as I am currently limiting my daily calorie intake to between 1300 – 1500 calories and plotting all my food in My Fitness Pal on my iPhone I hoped these would stave off my mid morning hunger pants.

The box contained two packs of muesli biscuits, two packs of forest fruit biscuits and two packs of honey and live yoghurt crunch biscuits,.  By the time the post arrived it was after 11am so in in true British style I popped the kettle on and set about sampling some biscuity delights.

I started with the forest fruits as I like berries.  The first thing I noticed was that these biscuits were VERY sweet.   They had that artificial sweetener taste to them which I really didn’t enjoy — I actually struggled to finish a whole biscuit.  And that’s coming from someone who used to take seven sugars in black coffee.  Strangely Daddy E didn’t pick up this when he tasted them although he commented that the taste was just like a crumble mix.  Roo absolutely demolished one of the biscuits but I was wary about letting her have too many because of the sweetness.

The muesli ones were better.  They were absolutely delicious and after eating two biscuits I felt really full.  They were a nice flavour and the biscuits had a nice crunch to them, the pieces of oat in the biscuit were a bit of a pain and I did spend a long while picking them out of my teeth afterwards!  Not an attractive site but the biscuits kept off the hunger pains and gave me an energy boost.  Roo also liked these ones and was quite happy dunking them in her milk for elevenses.

Lastly I reached for the yoghurt crunch biscuit. This one was by far my favourite and the favourite of everyone else in the house as they disappeared the quickest upon opening!  The biscuit was crunchy and not too sweet, and the filling was creamy with a subtle honey flavour.  Roo who doesn’t like honey demolished these in a flash and I’ve had to buy more as she kept asking for them.

The purpose of the biscuits is ultimately to stave off those mid morning cravings.  I was interested in was seeing if a couple of biscuits could really keep me going for 4 hours. I ate three biscuits and have to say I wasn’t ravenous by 11am like I normally am. This for me is a big tick in the plus column.  I’ve bought a couple of packs of the biscuits since being sent the selection to try and although they’re not on the shopping list every week I do find it handy to keep a packet in the cupboard and because each one is individually wrapped it’s perfect for popping in my handbag and taking out on the go with Roo.

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