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Goddess mascara and luscious locks – my beauty treats this month

I’ve had a lot of lovely beauty and skincare goodies sent to me over the last few weeks; it’s lovely to get to test out these products as a lot of them are things I read about and would love to buy but being on a limited income don’t splurge on.  They are the things that often make my ‘wish list’ and if I am lucky may appear in my Santa sack this year if I am a good girl come Christmas eve.  So what have I had this month and what has been my favourite beauty treat?

First up was a new mascara from a brand called Eye of Horus.  I’d seen this brand online and they do a stunning range of eye make up to create beautiful ‘goddess inspired’ looks and let’s face it who wouldn’t want to have a go at looking like a goddess?  The range of make up is based on ancient Egyptian formulas and oils and has been designed to be kind to skin and is packed full of nourishing and regenerising ingredients.


The Goddess Mascara  is ideal for sensitive eyes and packed with Egyptian moringa oil which strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes.  Naturally formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians with plant based ingredients and waxes, it is paraben free and lasts up to 6 months once opened.

Eye of Horus

The packaging is gorgeous, in a sleek matt black box with an embossed gold Egyptian eye on the side.  The mascara is easy to hold and comfortable in your hand and the brush doesn’t get overloaded with product when you remove the wand from the tube – this means no dreaded  horrible mascara clumps and no spider eyes.  Lashes are soft not spikey when the mascara is applied and my eyes didn’t feel heavy or clogged despite two or three coats.


Throughout the day the mascara was smudge free and didn’t irritate me and was easy to remove with my Liz Earle eye make up remover. My eyes have a good depth to them here and look very luxurious and sultry, I am not wearing any eyeliner but it looks as though I am and I love this look.

I really like this mascara as an alternative to my heavier Illamasqua mascara and have been swapping between the two. Priced at £19 it is at the higher priced end of the beauty buys but this is reflected in the high quality ingredients used in the product and the added natural benefits it brings for caring and nourishing your lashes.

Next up to try this week as a gorgeous almond and cinnamon organic oil hair mask from a company called Old Wives Tail.  Now my hair has taken a bit of a battering in the last few weeks as I’ve gone from my dark chocolate to shades of blonde and with constant washing, drying, styling and straightening was looking dull, frizzy and not at all healthy.

The almond and cinnamon oil hair mask is part of the 100% organic hair care range by Old Wives Tail and is a protein enriched mask for dry, broken and brittle hair.  Each pot is packed full of gorgeous ingredients such as almond oil, shea butter and cinnamon oil to nourish and revitalise hair as well as encouraging growth.


For some reason I had always associated hair masks with long hair and to be honest although I put a colour conditioning treatment on my hair it never really seems to enhance or repair the damage that colouring inevitably does to your hair.  I loved opening the package when it was delivered as it was wrapped in cute tissue paper and I love companies that do more than just shuv product in a box and post it.  Getting a product is about creating an experience and more brands need to be aware of the excitement that a customer gets from their order arriving in the post having spent their hard earned cash on it.

Old Wives Tail organic haircare

Opening the lid the aroma of the product is amazing.  It is a heady, warm, comforting scent packed with cinnamon which evokes memories of Christmas for me and cooking with this lovely spice.  The product is really simple to use as well which when you’re a busy parent and time poor is essential.

Simply take some of the product, warm it between your hands and massage through your hair from roots to tips.  When done wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave for an hour for a quick nourishing treatment or for a more intensive treatment you can leave it on your hair overnight (I’d recommend putting an old pillowcase on your bed).

100% organic intensive hair masks

I quite happily left mine on for an hour and pottered about the house doing jobs and after an hour you simply rinse and then dry your hair as normal.  Here’s where I noticed the difference. Once dried my hair felt smoother, less dry, less brittle and looked a lot less damaged.  Compared to the supposed ‘salon quality’ hair masks I had been using this product from Old Wives Tail blew it out the window and I was very surprised with the result.

What is also lovely is your hair smells divine afterwards and even a week after my first treatment my hair is still looking nourished and healthy as a bonus because of the oils and the quality of the products in the hair mask your hands are super soft after using it and it does make a rather good intensive moisturiser for really dry skin.

I adore this product. I don’t have a single negative comment to make, and priced at £14.99 it is cheaper than the salon hair mask I was using, far kinder to my skin and the environment and with 10% of sales going to an animal charity it has nice ethical undertones too.   I’ve used masks that cost three times as much as this one that haven’t worked anywhere near as well – if you love to colour your hair but don’t want to sacrifice luscious locks then this is a MUST HAVE in your cupboard.

The Almond & Cinnamon Oil Organic Hair Mask by Old Wives Tail costs £14.99 and can be purchased from the Old Wives Tail website.

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