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Beauty Bargains from Chemist Direct

professional make up casesI have a confession to make…I’m ever so slightly addicted to make up.  I have no brand affinity, or very little and will quite happily try the latest recommended beauty buys and I am a sucker for eyeshadows.  I’ve literally lost count of the numbers of eyeshadows I have bought since I started with makeup in my early teens and love to buy new colors and try out trends from the catwalk.

So when I got offered the chance to review a stunning Body Collection professional beauty case from Chemist Direct I may have just squealed ever so slightly, after all what could be better than over 60 pieces of quality make up to indulge your inner beauty queen!  The case arrived and on unpacking I was very impressed with the finish and style.  The sleek black box with it’s quilted effect covering looked professional and I loved the easy to open but secure latch fastenings.  The case is about 30cm long by about 20cm high. Once opened the trays are stacked together and then open out like a concertina.


The Body Collection Temptation Professional Beauty Case is a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated cosmetic kit filled with all the makeup youll ever want and need. It contains, blusher, eye shadow, lip gloss, nail varnish, eyeliner pencil, lip liner pencil, a toe divider, a nail buffer, a pair of nail clippers, a pair of tweezers, a pair of nail scissors, cuticle pushers, a blush brush, foam applicator, eyelash and brow comb, a shading/blending brush, and a lip brush.  In terms of the shadows, there is a wide range of colours – lots of neutrals as well as some brights and there are also some mini palettes containing 3 colours each. The blushes come in duos and again there are a variety of shades. The lipsticks, lip glosses and nail polishes are in reds and pinks.


As you open it you are greeted with 4 layers on each side that fold out to reveal a rainbow of eyeshadow colours, lipsticks for day and night, blushers and professional brushes.  A fantastic kit for anyone who loves make up, experimenting with new trends or who is looking for a reasonably low cost way to update their make up palette as the case itself is great value.

Whilst the brand Body Collection isn’t a brand I’d tried before or heard of,  I was impressed at the quality of the products inside.  Particularly the lipsticks that were very moisturising and went on well.  Nothing I tried in the box gave me a reaction on my skin and whilst the brushes may not be the best quality I’ve ever owned they have been brilliant travel brushes to save using my expensive ones every day and when needing to take make up away with me.



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