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Teething Jewellery Means Happy Little Gums!

baby teething jewelleryI remember when Roo was teething it was so awful; she was a late starter and then from round about 6 months on non stop for 6 months she was in the painful hell that is cutting new teeth.  With constant dribbling, pain, soggy clothes, red cheeks and revolting nappies it is a time in her life that neither of us are keen to revisit.  We tried to steer away from dosing her up with Calpol and Ibuprofen as really she wasn’t ill just uncomfortable.  The usual things like letting them suck on cold soft fruit etc didn’t really work and to be honest she was so off her food she’d have rather rubbed it in my face than ate it.

One thing though that did work and I’ve continued to recommend is teething jewellery from Amber Pumpkin which not only looks beautiful for us mum’s that still want to wear child friendly jewellery, but thanks to the clever properties of the  product actually helps to relieve sore gums and is safe for babies to chew on.  The range of teething jewellery is stylish and looks just like real stone, jade, amethyst etc but is in fact made from the same materials as babies feeding spoons and teething toys.  The products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp. CE marking approved.

I remember Roo was chew and chew on my necklace and found great comfort in the teething jewellery.  I loved it because so many of the pieces come in lovely feminine colours and it was great to still be able to wear a stylish piece of jewellery.  I love the pearl effect teething necklace and at under £13 it’s a really good price and in my experience a lot more effective than teething salts, biccipegs or Calpol!

Amber Pumpkin Teething Bling Teething Jewellery

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