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Being a Mum Is a Tough Job

Parenting is a hard job.  There is no paid leave, you don’t get a promotion (unless you count being allowed a lie in at the weekends), you can’t take a sick day or have a break from the to-do list.  Despite all this, it is without a doubt the most rewarding job I have ever had.  That doesn’t mean there are days when I don’t want a break or to step out of the routine.  I do – and sometimes I crave for what life was like before I became a mum where there were no consequences for staying up late or drinking too much other than a bad hangover or irritability.

This weekend I shrugged off my mother cape and pulled on my glad rags for some much needed R&R time with Daddy E.  I put on heels, clothes that said ‘hand wash only’ and we duly dropped Miss Roo at my mum’s for a sleepover.

We drove with ‘adult music’ on in the car up to a designer retail outlet the other side of Derby.  We drank hot coffee in peace in a coffee shop and languished over a cheeky danish pastry without interruption or little fingers stealing with glee from our plates.  We walked hand in hand calmly through the shopping outlet, looking in grown up shops.

being a mumIt was heavenly.  We walked peacefully without having to wonder where Miss Roo had dashed off to or checking every 30 minutes for ‘toilet breaks.’

I relaxed in a way that as a mumyou don’t get the opportunity to do at home when you’re in mum mode rushing around picking up after the family and doing ‘mum duties’.

It was heavenly.

Daddy E and I stayed up late on the Saturday night watching Skyfall.  We had the surround sound system up really loud without worrying about it waking Miss Roo up.  I drank an extra glass of wine and even treated myself to a late night cheese and biscuit because I knew I had a gorgeous lie-in scheduled for Sunday morning.

On Sunday morning, I slept in till nearly 9am.  I drank hot tea, buckets of the stuff in peace.  I got to watch the news and catch up on Match of the Day.

I didn’t miss Roo.  Daddy E and I talked about the cool things she’d done all week. How well behaved she’d been even when exhausted.  How she was growing up and our plans for our summer holiday.

Then we went to my mum’s for Sunday lunch.  I was happier and more relaxed and delighted in picking up Roo and breathing in that gorgeous smell your kids have of washing powder and bubble bath.  We played silly games together, had cuddles, ate food and laughed.  I was refreshed and ready to take on my mummy duties next week.

We came home and played Skylanders, checked our Moshi Monsters, had baths together and played with bath toys.  It was the perfect ending to a gorgeous weekend.

Whilst I love being a mother, I am more than just that.  I am still me and have my needs and I needed a weeked of me time and loved every minute of it.


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7 thoughts on “Being a Mum Is a Tough Job

  1. Couldn’t agree more with the sentiment of this post. There is nothing that makes you a better mum than being able to have a break from bring a mum. 🙂

  2. Very true! I agree with you 100% here. I kept on nodding my head while I was reading your post. 🙂 Being a mom indeed is tough, really tough and that’s why it is a necessity to have some time alone with yourself. It is nice to take a break from all the diapers, the cleaning, the running around, and even the waking-up in the middle of the night. It’s good to take a step back, relax, and have fun once in a while. Keeps the stress away. 🙂

  3. Great post – I couldn’t agree more that time apart from your children and time to ‘just you’ or a couple as you were before you had children is vital. I recently spent A WEEK apart from mine, and while I did miss them, and was quite nervous about it, it was really good for them to spend time alone with their devoted grandparents (without us hovering in the background), and it was good for us as a couple. The house felt very empty without them, but the moment they were back they were back in full effect and it was as if they’d never been away!

  4. I think every mother can relate to this. The obvious love and new identity found in being a mother and yet recognising that this the only thing that defines you. Having said that, becoming a mother can also awaken so much more than what was there before.
    I know my friend Jane, not only became a mother with her first son, but also took on being self employed and starting Scamps and Scallywags, selling bright and funky organic baby clothes because she felt there wasn’t anything out there that reflected the character of her son.
    So we’re not solely defined by being mothers, but it’s certainly a defining characteristic.

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