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Back to school after the holidays

Hurrah, today was the day the kids went back to school following the Christmas holidays.  What with the pretty crappy British weather the last few weeks and the fact that our house has been a testing ground for germ warfare Miss Roo had developed a bit of cabin fever and I too was at the end of my tether.  Some days I long for that drive to the office just to have 45 minutes in the office just so I can have music on in the car that isn’t Mr Tumble or Disney hits and so I can swear profanities without fear of them being repeated by Miss Roo.

So when the alarm went off at 6:15am this morning whilst I didn’t jump out of bed with glee, mainly because I’ve found out tonight that I’ve got pneumonia, I was looking forward to having ‘my’ time back in the afternoons for my blogging and housework.  I was looking forward to having my music turned up and actually enjoying a HOT cup of tea from my favourite shop in London the Tea Palace.

Miss Roo was equally excited, she’d missed her friends big time.  All morning we mucked about playing games, dancing away on Just Dance Disney that we Miss Roo had for Christmas. We played Skylanders and went off in search of more hats on our epic adventures and we made crazy Hama bead pictures until it was 12 noon.  We had a fabulous morning – one of those days that rock as being a mum and you get a little smug halo above you’re head cos you know you’ve racked up some serious mum points.

At 12 noon Miss Roo skipped gleefully out the front door, panda ear-muffs aloft to show her best friend Maeve.  It was a joy to see her run to the school gate, to be excited to see her friends, to give me a quick peck on the cheek and off into class without a backwards glance or a see you later mum.  Really, kids are pretty tough and we should give them more credit.

My afternoon was lovely, I was able to send some emails to some fabulous new connections like the clever guys at mobile accessories designers Inut, speak with my good friends at beautiful baby clothing company Silver Sense and make some fabulous Weight Watchers fairy cakes.  All without interruption and enjoy several good cups of tea.

The school run is back and let’s hope the next five weeks in the run up to half-term are as good as today.

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