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Creating Your Dream Baby Nursery

When I found out I was pregnant with Roo over 4 years ago now the one thing I was looking forward to was decorating and planning her nursery.  I had dreamed of the sort of style and theme for my baby’s nursery and for me this wasn’t going to be the traditional pink or blue room but I wanted something neutral (we never found out what we were having) and I wanted something that was modern and fresh as generally my taste is quite uncluttered.

A search on the internet for nursery furniture will open up a whole host of websites for you to go off spending, but one site I kept coming back to was Vertbaudet.  I had bought their maternity clothing whilst pregnant and loved the quality of them and so decided to buy several bits for Roo’s nursery from there as I loved the eclectic designs, alternative colours and fun themes that weren’t traditional.

So when a friend recently announced to me that she was pregnant with her second baby I was only too keen to show her some of their beautiful products and help her plan her nursery.  These are the top baby nursery ideas that we picked are good value for money and a little bit different to other high street nursery products.

  • Hooty Cot Bumper – what I love about this is the colours. Muted shades of lilac, deep purple and petrol blue are a really different colour scheme and would look stunning against a white or calico background.  Owls are perfect bed time companions for keeping sleeping little one’s company at night.  With a cute floral almost Liberty inspired floral background I’d definitely pick this.
  • Something that is still in Roo’s room now is this heart rug that we bought about 18 months ago.  I loved the price at under £15 it was perfect as I didn’t mind if juice was spilled on it as it was washable (and has washed well).  It looks fun and we’ve often sat upstairs together and played on the rug with toys as it’s softer than sitting on the carpet and has been a nice focal point on the floor.
  • Anyone who has kids will know that even though they are tiny their toys take up a LOT of room!  We have a lot of storage boxes of different sizes and they are great at hiding things away at the end of a busy play day and keep the house relatively tidy.  Vertbaudet have a really good selection of boxes starting from around about £8 which certainly won’t break the bank and save your feet from treading on the dreaded toys.
  • Lastly, if like me you’re not that great at hanging wallpaper (or worry that it will date quickly), then wall stickers are a great way to brighten up a nursery quickly.  We bought wall stickers for Roo’s room, she had a beautiful slogan on the one wall above her cot when born and now on her other wall she has a great black and white woodland scene of owls and other woodland creatures.  People always comment on it and it was pretty inexpensive to do.  Getting a pack of wall stickers is a pretty cost effective way of re-decorating a room.

I don’t think we spent a lot on decorating our  nursery but it was always a room that Roo loved to be in and with so many beautiful nursery products to choose from it’s easy to create that dream room with a little imagination.


Disclaimer: this is a guest post in collaboration with Vertbaudet.  The views expressed within are my own and this post has been posted in accordance with my PR guidelines.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me 

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