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Avon Breast Cancer Baking Kit

Baking cakes is a great fun activity to do with Addison, she loves to mix all the ingredients together and as I did when I was young she often sneaks a dip of the yummy cake mixture before it goes into the cake tins or cases.  When I was asked recently to review the new Avon Breast Cancer Crusade baking kit I jumped at the chance, not only could we make yummy cakes but in doing so we could help support a really good cause.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and with the kit arriving now this would give me plenty of chance to do a trial run before then!  The kit arrived and I loved the presentation tin that it came in, very hand for storing the cup cakes afterwards providing little hands and mouths didn’t demolish them first.

Avon is asking people to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer this year with its Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Baking Set.  The set consists of a pink ribbon and a heart shaped cutter, as well as six silicone cupcake holders and a recipe card for rosebud fairy cakes (eek!).   The set is designed to encourage you to get baking to raise money for a cause that affects 48,000 women a year. The set costs £5 with £1.25 going to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, while the remainder goes to not-for-profit projects.

The recipe card was a little complicated for me not being a regular baker and I must admit it would have been helpful to have the recipe split out into ingredients for the sponge mix and ingredients for the icing / decoration as I was confused half way through as to what went into what and nearly added pink food colouring to the cakes!

The only other element that threw me off track was the six silicone cases.  The recipe made 24 cakes so to supply just 6 cake cases seemed a little bit of an afterthought by someone and it meant I had to go rummaging through cupboards to find some cake cases from the 1980’s.

The cakes took no time at all to mix and the mixture thanks to the hefty quantities of cream and sugar was really light and fluffy.  In about 20 minutes they were done and my house was full of the beautiful smells of freshly baked cake.  Compared to my usual effort of fairy cakes that often resembled hard lumps of rocks the beauties that emerged from my oven looked almost like something out of a Nigella Lawson recipe book – I was I admit rather proud of their gorgeous golden spongy cake tops and Addison showed her appreciate by swiping one straight off the cake rack.

This is where I have a confession to make, the recipe informed me that I was to make rosebuds from royal icing.  I struggle to grow roses in my garden let alone in my cup cakes so I will admit to bypassing this step and I delved straight in to make the fluffy pink buttercream frosting for the top.  My calorie counter was getting worried more butter and icing sugar was required and I kept telling myself it was ok because the cakes were small so the calories must also be minuscule.

The fairy cake recipe in the Avon baking kit came courtesy of British cake maker Fiona Cairns.  Fiona was recently commissioned to make Kate Middleton’s wedding cake and having never followed any of her recipes before I admit that although pretty indulgent and rich in terms of ingredients the texture of the cakes and the frosting was absolutely divine.

After much beating of icing sugar and butter and pink food colouring I got creative with a palette knife and a fork.  I am sure the professionals have a much better way of frosting their cakes but when you’ve got a three year old toddler at your side who is devouring the frosting quicker than you can say “put that back” it was a case of grabbing whatever was to hand.

The end result was really pretty and although fiddly and time consuming to do, certainly not a quick bake with mummy recipe I enjoyed trying out a new recipe and once the frosting had set my testing panel of grandparents, kids and a hungry hubby demolished the cakes in record time.

I haven’t got round to testing the biscuit cutters next but I will be having a go at that for a bake sale at nursery in September so will let you know what the cutter is like.  If you want to support a really good cause and do something fun at the same time which your kids can get involved in then this kit is well worth the £5.

You can get the set online via the Avon website or your local representative and there’s plenty of great fund raising ideas to support Breast Cancer awareness month on the Avon Pink Pamper Party website.

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