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Audio Books for Kids

As a child growing up I had audio books, classics like Black Beauty would keep me in my room for ages whilst I sat and listened to the story.  I remember my gran also listening to them with me and she loved audio books and regularly sat at home listening to them in her golden years.  I loved the fact that these books bought to life stories in a new way and allowed me to create a world in my mind.  One of the best things about audio books for kids is that they are a great way to get them into classic tales and you can now even get Lord of the Rings audio books which would definitely be on Daddy’s Christmas list!

audio books for kidsTake at the minute, the movie hype around the release of The Hobbit, for many children this is an epic book and one they won’t tackle until being pretty confident readers.  However, through the audio books you can sit as a family together of an evening listening to the tale of Bilbo Baggins as he begins his adventure that goes on to become the magical adventure we know as Lord of the Rings.

What better way to introduce your children to some of the literary classics in a way that they can understand, and with the books being available now in MP3 and audio CD format there’s a choice of ways to get your audio book downloaded and playing at home.

The choice of titles in audio books for kids is endless, one of my favourites as a child and still today is C.S.Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia – all of these whimsical tales are now available in audio format and features a fantastic cast from BBC Radio 4, who bring the tale to life in a fantastic way.

Audio books are also a great price for a little gift this Christmas.  With some starting as low as £5 this is something that grandparents can easily afford and start children on their love affair with books.


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