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Asda Online Shopping A Saviour for Busy Mum’s

Asda online shopping ReviewI have to admit I don’t usually shop at Asda, my local store is massive and takes me way too long to get round and I end up getting distracted in the clothing aisle and using my weekly budget on clothes for me or Miss Roo rather than essential vegetables.  However, when they wrote to me asking me to try out the Asda home delivery service and also their new click and collect option I was keen to put it to the test and see if I could stay away from all the tempting extras they sell.  Plus the whole idea of shopping online is appealing as it allows me to do it from the comfort of my warm home rather than leave the house and fight in a supermarket on a Friday.

First off I tried the home delivery service and found the ordering process pretty easy.  For me I loved the fact that I could shop on the Thursday evening and still get my shopping delivered on a Friday – great for those last minute emergency shops when you’ve realised you forgot to go earlier in the week and the kids have nothing for packed lunches tomorrow and you’re out of Chardonnay for your wine o’clock come 6pm.  There is so much stuff to choose from and an amazing range of fresh produce at a great price; big bags of bistro salad which we devour lots of this time of year were brilliant value at £1 and I found the search function really easy when looking for specialist items.

It took me in total about 40 minutes to get my head round their system and order my shopping.  What impressed me was that I could get fresh sliced bread online as most of their stores have an in-store bakery.  This is something I have struggled with when using other online supermarkets as often they do the fresh bread  but don’t offer it in a sliced version, and let’s face it the crumbs everywhere are a complete pain in the backside to clear up.

The order arrived promptly the next day and I loved the email telling me to expect my delivery when it was on it’s way – very handy if you’ve been called to school for an emergency or nipped to the post office as you have chance to dash back and get your shopping.  The chap who delivered it was really helpful and explained that there were no substitutes (yay, as they always send something random) and even carried my shopping into the kitchen – must have been the bosom boosting blouse I was wearing.  I have to admit that the lure of ‘free’ shopping had led me to order several bottles of wine and spirits as it seemed like the perfect opportunity to restock the booze cupboard ready for our Vitamix Margarita Party and I was somewhat concerned that I looked like an alcohol dependent parent on my home delivery shop.


Rummaging through the bags as I unpacked these were the things I liked

  • Great looking healthy produce
  • Long dates on things like yoghurts – well done to the packer who selected these
  • Bags clearly separated into fresh / frozen / cleaning
  • An awful lot of food for my weekly shop of £80
  • Big choice of brand names but also high quality own brand produce

Usually I’ve been disappointed with online shopping, poor substitutes, badly packed produce and short shelf dates have put me off but this was a great experience for a first time customer and I was keen to see if the same pleasant experience I’d had online and great produce could be replicated with the Asda Click and Collect service.

The great thing about Click and Collect from Asda is that you get to take advantage of all the online products, shop at home when convenient to you and then pick up from your local store.  Click and Collect is the new service offered at selected stores, where you can order your shopping online, and then collect it in store. ASDA will even load your bags into your car for you.  It’s really easy to use the Click and Collect service at ASDA. Step one is to book a slot at the grocery store online, being sure to select ‘Click & Collect’. Step two, shop for your groceries online. You can make this easy by using the search function, or using the favourites facility to choose from your past baskets – or even replicate an entire previous shop in mere minutes.

The store I picked up from was Chelmsley Wood and after placing my order online I received a confirmation email with all the goods on and my allotted time to collect.  A quick drive in the car and I arrived at the store to collect my shopping.  Everything was ready in time and there were just two substitutes that didn’t meet my requirements and so these were deducted from my bill.  Again the produce was excellent, even a box of bruised tomatoes was swapped in store with an apology and these were taken off as a gesture of goodwill.

Top marks to the Asda team for excellent customer service and making my life a breeze.  The thought of dragging Roo round a supermarket and increasing my weekly shopping spend by £30 is something I detest doing and the Click and Collect service is the perfect excuse not to waste an hour or two of my afternoon.  When you use Click and Collect at Asda you can still benefit from the amazing Asda Price Guarantee, which means that if your shopping doesn’t cost at least ten per cent less than Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s, Asda will refund you the difference.

It’s an especially useful service for parents who dread taking their children around the supermarket, or those who wish to save on the delivery charge. It also means that you don’t have to wait in between certain times to take delivery of your groceries – your shopping will be ready and waiting when you are!  Taking Roo shopping is something I have done about 6 times in the 5 years she will have been born this year.  I hate it, do not wish to do it.  It is never a pleasant experience.  You see kids in supermarkets screaming their heads off and their mother’s shoving things into the trolley that they don’t need just to get out the store and get home.

You’re nodding here aren’t you?  This is what it’s like for you.  Well thankfully with clever online shopping inventions mum’s and dad’s everywhere need not feel the pain of supermarket shopping with the kids in tow again unless of course you just want to annoy the rest of the world….



Disclaimer: I have received two complimentary shops at Asda for the purpose of this review and post.  This has not influenced by views and this post adheres to my PR Guidelines. The views expressed in it are my own and cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details.

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