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Out with the Old: Making a Modern Kitchen

It’s always a great idea to keep your kitchen up to date. Whether you have moved into a new place, or you’re looking to revamp your family home, replacing that old fridge freezer has never been easier.

A new fridge or washing machine can really spruce the place up, and add sophistication to a home for you and your family. You may think sticking with old appliances will save you money, but in reality it’s a bad choice in the long run. Constant repairs can really add up, and that old off-cream colour doesn’t look great under the kitchen counter.

The first question is where to find the right appliances. There’s always so many great savings on Appliances Direct, for example, on sparkly brand new gear. Their site is always worth a visit when choosing a new look for the kitchen.

Appliances that make a big difference to your look

As far as the kitchen goes, bigger is better. While replacing a toaster or kettle might give a little change, it’s the upgrading things like the oven or freezer that really affect the way your kitchen looks. Big appliances make a big impact, so change the entire look of your kitchen with some high tech, fashionable gear.


If you’re splashing out on a new washing machine, go for something perfect. Washing machines with LCD screens and easy to follow settings are a must.

Appliances Online Washing Machine Deals

A brand new fridge freezer can really impact the look of your kitchen. This one is a great colour and would look fantastic no matter where you put it. Fridge freezers with handy water dispensers don’t cost the earth anymore, either.

Finishing touches

If you’re revamping the kitchen, don’t ruin things by keeping the old, run-down smaller things. A new kettle or toaster won’t set you back much at all and can really finish things off. You can go the whole hog with a few extra cabinets too, or invest in a canopy range hood for ventilation.


Your new appliances should look great with your kitchen décor. If you find the fridge of your dreams, it’s a great and cheap idea to just slap a lick of paint on the kitchen walls to fit with the colour scheme.

Even dishwashers are starting to look stylish, and don’t have that high-fashion price tag.  What a great way to express yourself and make a house a home.

It’s never simple deciding on exactly what you want for your kitchen, but it’s not difficult to get some quality appliances for much less than you’d think.


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  1. We’ve just moved home and have a dishwasher for the first time. It was on our wishlist and is an absolute saviour. It’s saved us from numerous arguments over who’s going to do the dishes. God bless the humble kitchen appliances!
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