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APPen Learning App & Stylus for iPad

APPen Review

Kids today are surrounded by technology.  In a digital age of iPads, tablets and e-readers they absorb knowledge via digital downloads.  Roo is quite at home doing her phonics and learning on her iPad and my general rule of thumb is that I don’t mind her using the iPad if there’s a good mix of educational -v- fun games.  So when we were asked to review the new APPen learning app with stylus on our iPad I was intrigued to see if this would help Roo with her pen control.

So what is APPen?

APPen is a rather clever piece of kit. To use APPen simply plug into the headphone jack (in our case on our iPad) it’s as easy as that, and then the app can be downloaded via either the Apple or Android store and best of all it is free. The app can be used with or without the pen but it works better with it, the only issue is that plugging into the headphone jack you do lose the sound on whatever you are using the pen with. To begin with you create a profile for whoever is using it and you can add a photo, put in the age and of course name.

The app has a few different things to keep the children interested such as a few games which work really well with the pen, a drawing feature where you can create masterpieces. With this feature the hard they press the thicker the lines become which is a very cool feature. The final part of the tracking of letters can be annoying as we found on a few of the letters Roo had been taught a different way of writing them so she gave up on that part.

The app still has a few little features to iron out but you can see it has potential and considering the APPen is only £14.99 it would make an ideal present for a tablet happy child.

The biggest negative we found was that with Roo only just starting to learn to read each time we wanted to use the APPen pen I had to set it up and calibrate it for her, and it needs to be calibrated every time which is somewhat frustrating.  On a positive note it has been brilliant for encouraging her pen control and making some of her more ‘learning’ focused apps more fun to do as the APPen pen has introduced a new novelty element.


Disclaimer: This is a review post. We were sent an APPen stylus pen for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and this post cannot be reproduced without prior permission.  Interested in getting a review, competition or guest post for your product? Contact me Charlotte Everiss for details

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