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Alternative Easter Gifts For Children

The Easter weekend is looming, and although this means a long, balmy four-day weekend for those without children, us parents are in for excited little-ones and inevitable sugar crashes.

To ease the sugar-load this Easter, here are some alternative gifts to go with the mounds of chocolate about to descend upon your home.

New outfit

The Easter weekend usually involves a big family roast dinner at some point, and all children love the chance to dress up in their Sunday bests whenever they get the chance – why not splash out on a new party dress for your little girl or some cool trainers for the little man in your life. Be prepared to be scrubbing out smeared in chocolate the next day though!

Soft toys

If you’re planning an Easter-egg hunt, why not mix it up a bit with some toys in place of some of the eggs. Go with the theme of the season with little yellow chicks and bunnies with floppy ears. If you really want to go all-in – plan a craft session before hand to make bunny-ears for your children.

Bunny DIY

Some kids are more hands-on than others and would rather make their bunnies than find them hidden in a plant-pot at the back of the garden. Get inventive with a sock and a bit of stitching to create a quirky bunny your child will be proud of. If you don’t have the time to prepare your very own DIY bunny-creation-bag, sock bunny craft kits are available online, starting at £10.

Gardening kits

Springtime is perfect to get children interested in all things green, especially if you make a set yourself with an Easter theme. Go with a few small gardening accessories in their favourite colour, twinned with some seasonal seeds or herbs and a little Easter treat (whether that’s a toy or chocolate is up to you) to get them interested. Even if your children have never shown an interest in gardening before, they’ll enjoy being outside in the spring sun.

Homemade Easter eggs

OK, I know we’re trying to stay clear of sugar overload here, but with a homemade egg, at least you’ll know what’s gone into it. Not only will you have fun making a mess of your kitchen, but you’ll also be able to hide extra surprises inside the egg itself – try small toys from their favourite Toy Story films or the starting clue to your Easter egg hunt. Great how-to guides can be found online.


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5 thoughts on “Alternative Easter Gifts For Children

  1. I love the idea of an Easter gardening kit. I’m going to avoid buying my little ones Easter eggs as I know they’ll get plenty from other people but I didn’t want to get them more soft toys. Your idea is perfect, thanks 🙂

    1. I am with you on this one Bluebirdsunshine as we really try to limit the amount of chocolate Roo gets from others and at the moment she’s loving digging and planting in the garden so these would be perfect.

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