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Learning Phonics with the Alphablocks DVD

I was delighted to be asked to review a new DVD, which was released on 25th February.  Learn to read with the Alphablocks – Phonics First Steps (Volume 1) is the first volume from the hit CBeebies show, Alphablocks.

In case you’ve missed these brilliant characters on CBeebies, the Alphablocks ae 26 living letters who fall out of the sky and discover that if they hold hands and make a word, it will magically come to life!  Through the clever use of sounds, stories and rhymes letters go on an adventure together with each episode focusing on a particular letter and the phonic sound they make.

Volume 1: Phonics First Steps

Phonics First Steps introduces the first letters and sounds that children are taught at school and starts them off making simple words.  With repeat viewing, children can build ket phonics skills and boost their reading confidence – while having lots and lots of fun.

On the DVD there are are 18 episodes of Alphablocks which are all very short programmes; this is a great as the episodes are just long enough to hold the attention of little pre-schoolers and you it makes the  lesson from each one easy to remember and recap on together.  The DVD also comes with a FREE poster and parent guide too.

The little Alphablock characters are cute, brightly coloured and full of character, and they each repeat their sound throughout the episode, as well as their letter name.  Roo is really good with her letters and knows all of them by sight and is becoming apt at remembering the sound each one makes.  There are some letters she is more familiar with than others but after watching a few episodes even the ones she would usually stumble on such as M, N, W she could pick out and remember the sound they make and a letter that begins with them.

The DVD is very impressive; well put together and a great balance between entertainment and education.  It’s been on a few times in our house already and one of the parents at school has asked to borrow it for their child.  From watching it Roo already has a favourite letter, apparently she likes ‘A’ because it’s what her name begins with.   A great DVD for little learners.

Alphablocks DVD Volume 1 is currently available on Amazon priced at £9.99 with a free poster.


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