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All Mums Need a Spa Day

After making sure the family had the best Christmas, a fun filled half-term and a tasty Pancake Tuesday in between, it’s fair to say mum deserves to be spoilt this Mother’s Day.

Family holidays in the UK have always been about treating everybody to the things they love. And what do mums love? Peace and quiet. With the kids safely exploring the holiday park and dad playing a round of golf, mum can escape to the heavenly spa at Haggerston Castle to fully indulge in three hours of pampering.

Haven Holiday's Spa Treatments

Tucked just beneath the Scottish border, Haggerston Castle is the northernmost Haven park in England. The crisp air that flows in from the neighbouring North Sea refreshes the senses as soon as you arrive here…but for an even more invigorating experience, the on-park spa is the real treat.

Relax at the holiday spa

The spa at Haggerston Castle has two treatment rooms – both fitted with en-suite showers. The reception also has a vertical sun shower, so whether mum just wants to pop in to top up her tan or book a whole afternoon of full body treatment, there’s always something here for her to enjoy.


The selection of facial treatments on offer gives mum the freedom to customise her aromatherapy experience. The masseuse only uses natural plant extracts and the purest essential oils – and will help mum decide on the best products for her skin type. The idea is to leave mum’s facial skin feeling refreshed and hydrated, ready for that first family holiday photo.

‘Doctor Fish’

Ticklish mums might want to stick to the traditional massage therapy at the spa but for braver souls, the revitalising sensation you can get from Garra Rufa Fish treatment is one of a kind. Loads of tiny cleansing fish go to work on her feet and lower legs, exfoliating her skin in the most unique way.

Massage Journeys

Comfort Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage:

  • Full-body skin exfoliation, followed by a soft massage around the neck and shoulders. Moving onto a specialist massage where the masseuse only uses the elbows and forearms. This technique helps to knead the muscles into the deepest state of relaxation.
    Back: 45 minutes
    Full Body: 90 minutes

Find Tranquillity Shiatsu Deep Tissue Massage:

  • A combination of Japanese shiatsu and traditional Swedish massage methods, teamed with a ‘sports massage’ to relieve tenser mums – leaving her skin supple and her muscles toned.  A full skin exfoliation and deep tissue massage is included too.

Back: 45 minutes
Full Body: 90 minutes

Find Peace Hot Stones Massage:

  • Using Hawaiian hot stones is another unique way of relieving muscle tightness all over the body. A comforting (and warm) foot massage helps mum ease into the perfect state of mind for the luxurious hot stone treatments that follow.
    Back: 45 minutes
    Full body: 90 minutes

Find Heaven Hot Poultice Massage:

  • An adaptation of ancient Thai & Egyptian methods that utilise the natural benefits of hot mud and salt compresses, to cover the key areas of the body and relieve any physical or mental stress.
    Back only 45 mins
    Full body 90 mins

Find Heavenly Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage:

  • A more traditional massage that applies acupressure to the core energy zones on the body;   deeply relaxing the head, neck and shoulders to give mum a complete sense of relief.
    Duration: 45 minutes

Haggerston Castle

When it comes to booking a family holiday for 2013, there aren’t many better places in the UK this time of year than Haggerston Castle. When the temperatures all over the country are dropping, it’s nice to know mum can escape to a tropical space on the park, before spending some quality time with the family in Northumberland.

The pools are heated too and with over 30 activities for the whole family to get involved in, there’s more than enough fun to pack into a weekend getaway. So, if you’re looking into short breaks for the family at Haven, check out Haggerston Castle and if you book for the weekend following March 15th, you can tie it into Mother’s Day…she won’t mind it being a week late if her gift is this amazing.


I love spa days, they are a totally luxurious experience and I always feel amazing when I get to go to one.  If I got booked into any of these fabulous spa treatments I’d be absolutely over the moon.

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