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Advice for mums considering separation from their partners

Separation is a stressful time for couples, and when you have children to consider then this process can be even more difficult and emotional.  Whether you’re a married couple who are not yet ready for divorce or an unmarried couple with children, you may find that considering a separation is, at this stage, your only option.

Here below my latest guest post provides plenty of advice for mums considering separation from their partners.

What is separation?

Although this may seem obvious, it is important to clarify what a separation is. A separation is not a total break – in fact, many couples may actually reconcile after a period of separation.

A separation is similar to a divorce; essentially, it’s the first action taken when two people no longer wish to be together anymore. Once however, it was as far as some people could go, as it was originally made an option for couples whose religion (mainly Catholic) dictated that divorces were not acceptable.

For many common-law couples or same-sex couples, separation has come to be a form of divorce where marriage was not present in the first place.

Due to many couples choosing not to marry, but still living together sharing bank accounts or even having children, separation has become a legal issue, as it involves dividing up property and assets, as well as custody.

Is it what you really want?


After a particularly trying period in a relationship, it may seem as though the only thing you want from your partner is a separation.

However if you’ve been together a long time you may want to consider whether this is what you really want, especially if you have children to think about.

While you should never stay with someone simply because you’ve had children with them, or because it’s financially easier to do so, you do need to consider whether you might go back to your partner in a few months.

If you are likely to do so, is it worth the emotional and financial costs of a lengthy separation?

What about the children?

If you have children with your partner and are sure you want a separation, then you may have to contact a solicitor regarding custody rights and maintenance.

If you and your partner end on amicable terms, then you may be able to sort out custody between you and come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.

However, if you and your partner can’t agree on your child’s custody arrangement you should reach out to someone like Co-Op Family Law services, who can provide expert advice on how to get the best situation for you and your children from your separation.


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