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Out of adversity comes new beginnings


I got the loveliest email today from a friend that cheered me up in what  had been a miserable and hectic day.  It was lovely to hear from this friend after a long absence as she’d been unwell and recuperating at home for some time following a fairly serious work accident which had really knocked her for six physically and emotionally.

She’d been unlucky enough to fall down some wet stairs and put her back out and has required several months of intensive physiotherapy and despite being in a lot of pain she’s kept in touch on email and text and always had time to ask how I am doing over the last few months.  Even though we’re not that far apart we are terrible at keeping in touch with each other but it’s funny as we get older (shudders) we are contented with grabbing the odd coffee or a long Skype chat as our friendship is one that has been in existence for over 15 years so is pretty strong.

She emailed me to tell me that finally she’d heard from her solicitors about her claim, her work initially tried to dismiss it and blame her for the fall and tell her that she had no evidence or entitlement to a claim when she launched a claim for compensation.  I remember when the accident happened and told her at the time that her work owed her a duty of care and that as an employee our employers have rights and obligations to adhere to.

For example did you know that your employer is under legal duty to ensure your safety and security within the workplace.  Furthermore, if they ignore that duty and it has led to you suffering injury then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. The same principle applies to working practices and equipment as you have the right to have adequate safety equipment and training to protect you against injury as much as possible.  Even if you are one of the many self-employed entrepreneurs you may be entitled to claim if you are injured whilst at work.

After much cajoling from me and her partner my friend found a good firm of solicitors who worked on a no win no fee basis.  After months of batting letters back and forth, medical examinations and lots of tears today she finally received an offer of settlement. She was overjoyed when she emailed me and even more bubbly when I phoned on the way  back from the gym.  It wasn’t the fact that she’d had a nice little windfall land in her lap, because as we all know money doesn’t make up for ill health she was just really happy that she’d kept going to pursue this when she could have rolled over and walked away.  She’s now feeling fit enough to go back to work, and the compensation she’s won from the work accident has meant she can start up her own business which is what she’s always wanted to do.

So out of adversity came something good, something positive.  It just shows that sometimes you have to take on the bullies and with a strong team behind you and a bit of self belief you can do this and achieve a positive result.


Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post that has been written in association with Personal Injury Specialists LeoClaims.  The content is true and cannot be reproduced without the prior permission of the Editor of What Lottie Loves

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