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A Parent’s Guide to Online Tutoring

With the government’s persistent demands for rigorous GCSE examinations to ensure stronger subject understanding, the education system is seeing impending alterations leading to confusion and a seemingly indefinite period of adjustment. Because of the increasing need to secure the best exam results, more and more parents are seeking private tuition for their children to help them get ahead in their education or employment.

Whilst selecting a type of tuition that would benefit your child the most, why not venture down the online tutoring route (as oppose to the traditional face-to-face method) to allow their education to blossom? Online tutoring certainly has a number of benefits …

iTutorMathsUnique Interaction

Although this will differ according to tuition provider, online tuition usually consists of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) interaction by use of a webcam and headset. This ensures that a safe and familiar learning environment is created in the comfort of the user’s own home, whilst still receiving visual contact for optimum communication.

This type of tutoring also allows for group tuition, where your child is tutored with a group of children of similar ability and age, to increase confidence and peer interaction. Students who have experienced online tuition often commend how reassuring it is to learn in small peer groups.

Course Selection and Availability

The number of courses or programmes available through online tutoring is astonishing. Online tuition providers can offer tailor-made courses to suit your child’s needs and exam requirements, allowing them to build confidence in any particular subject areas they may be struggling with.

As well as this, courses can vary from on-going, long term tuition for extra-curricular help outside the classroom, to intensive revision sessions leading up to the big exam day. This means that courses are designed to fit a set time period, which is ideal for achieving revision targets and goals before exams.


The cost of online tutoring varies greatly, often depending on the level of support required and the duration of the tuition. Usually, savings can be made when enrolling on extended courses or when tuition is booked in bulk. Rather than scouting a bargain, take a look at an online tutor’s experience and pass record, as this will often justify their costs.

iTutorMaths provide a range of live, online, maths tuition courses to transform grades and bring out the best in your child’s maths ability. Visit their website to see their wide range of tuition courses, ranging from revision cramming sessions through to extensive tutoring with on-going support. 


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