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An incident that led to a scared and frightened Roo

Something happened at pre-school nursery yesterday, something that whilst I wasn’t offended about I was upset at the way it was dealt with by the staff.  As a result it left Roo feeling frightened and scared and she cried when I got her to the car last night to go home.

What was it?

Well the version of events I got from the nursery is that Roo and “another child” (they never tell you who the other child is and it bugs the hell out of me) had an “incident”.  The incident was that the other child a boy showed Roo his winky and they found Roo showing him her foofoo.

I was not upset by this as they are three and four years old and Roo’s kids just do stuff like this when they’re young.  Let’s not turn this into some Freudian insight over issues the kids might have.  It’s just kids they’re just curious.

However, from Roo I got a different story of events.  Roo informed me that the boy in question (and surprise surprise it’s  the same boy who we know has been calling her names) pulled her pants down yesterday and then showed his winky to her.  As a result Roo was standing there outside with no pants or skirt on when they were found by the nursery workers.  Roo also tells me another boy did the same who was with them.

Nursery advised me that they had reprimanded both children and told them it was naughty to do this and not to do it again.

Sorry, but the right approach in my view would have been to phone me and ask me to come down and a) comfort my child who was upset b) ask Roo what happened and c) not reprimand my daughter who yet again has fallen victim to this obnoxious older child in the play ground.

I talked to Roo three or four times about it last night and always the same version of events.  I know she isn’t lying.  She told me it frightened her as she didn’t like to see the boy’s winky and she didn’t want them to pull her pants down.

Needless to say, Daddy E has gone in like a bull in a china shop this morning to find out why they took the course of action they did and to let them know we know which child it was.  Whilst I am not going to harass the child or their parents at pre-school I feel I have a right to know who it was so that I can say to Roo that if this child tries to tease or upset them again to walk away and find someone else to play with.  I certainly am not going to have a frightened child who is upset because she’s been picked on.


4 thoughts on “An incident that led to a scared and frightened Roo

  1. Oh poor Roo ! Those nursery workers do need to b spoken too. A similar thing happened to Eloise with a group of girls, but her teacher phoned me (was in meeting at pick up time) to explain what happened. While all girls were spoken to it was made clear that E was not in the wrong. Seriously need some training to deal with this better & to watch that boy more closely.

  2. That is awful, poor wee Roo. I know it’s understandable children are curious at that age. My nieces and my oldest show their pants off all the time when they were potty training, it’s innocent to them as it should be, but when Roo is being frightened and being forced as such by a child doing this to her then that is wrong and should be dealt with. Hugs to her. x

  3. poor Roo! I know finding nursery spots is hard these days but if this continues I would threaten to leave and go elsewhere as they clearly aren’t resolving what is quite a seriously issue. Yes young children don’t understand that showing their bits off isn’t something you do, but actual teasing is another matter.

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