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5 Ways To Plan A Kids’ Party Stress-Free

tips for planning a stress free kids party - uk mummy bloggerPlanning a party for your kids can be a surprisingly complicated and busy process. At first, of course, it sounds like a relatively easy task – kids have pretty simple demands when it comes to birthday parties and similar occasions. But once you get into the details of planning a theme, decorating a venue, figuring out food and gifts, and generally designing the atmosphere, things can get stressful in a hurry! So here are 5 basic tips for how to make things a bit easier on yourself while planning a party for your child.


Encourage Costumes

A lot of parents go to great lengths working out themes and concepts for kids’ parties, and that often involves a lot of decoration and setup. While it can almost be fun to go to this sort of effort, you might want to simplify things by making it a costume party! Kids love dressing up in costumes, and if you encourage costumes then a great deal of the theme or atmosphere is established naturally by the kids themselves! Essentially, a costume party makes it’s own theme.

Order A Cake

Some mums pride themselves on a favourite cake or dessert that a child simply loves. However, consider saving this sort of cake for a private family birthday celebration, rather than a party with other kids. For a party, it’s much simpler to just order a cake from M&S, where you’ll find multiple themes and designs perfect for kids. From pirate ships, to butterflies, to numbers, cakes come in all shapes and sizes from M&S.


Most parents get used to working together with other parents in planning parties, as it just makes things easier for everybody. Whether it’s your child’s birthday, a school event celebration, etc., consider asking parents of your child’s closest friends to help if you have a lot to do. Just be prepared to return the favour some day!


Consider A Venue

Having a party at home can be nice, but in the end it also involves the most work! Consider hosting a kids’ party at a venue specifically designed for such occasions. For example, a party at Little Dinosaurs in London can be a blast for the kids, and a simple affair for adults. Any similar venue should do the trick, and really when you factor in decorations, catering, cleanup, etc. at home, renting a venue shouldn’t be much more expensive.

Order Food

Finally, if you really want to take some stress off of your own shoulders, don’t cook! This is essentially the same as the cake concept – cooking your child’s favourite meal can be tempting, but when you factor in a party full of kids it quickly becomes stressful. Instead, order something simple, whether that means a few pizzas or picking up sandwiches. The kids will love it, and it’s stress-free for you.


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