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The Perfect Beach

the perfect beachFor some the perfect beach is crisp white sand, not a soul in sight, only your footprints in the sand.  Total peace and tranquillity.

For me, that used to by my perfect beach. I would have loved a holiday to the Maldives off the beaten track, just me, my book and a hammock.  However as a mum, my perfect idea of a perfect beach now is a bit different.

When Roo and I headed to Santa Monica, California last year we were just three blocks from the beautiful Santa Monica pier.  A traditional pier with an old fashioned fairground, rides that shook your bones and stalls selling more tourist related souvenirs than is considered healthy.

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Preparing for overnight guests

sofa beds for guestsStarting a family is a wonderful thing, but there are more than a few changes for new parents to get used to. One of the changes to which we have to adjust is having friends to stay. With more sleepy heads to cater for, the logistics of having guests overnight can be cause for more than a little head scratching.

The key to having everything run smoothly when you’re having friends to stay lies in preparation. If you can put aside just a little time before your guests arrive, everything is sure to go swimmingly. Here, we take a quick look at several things you can do to prepare for visitors.

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Kitchen Worktops, Coffee Shops & Relationship Break Ups

writing my own bookI’ve finally started something that people have been telling me I should do.  Write a book. I penned a short children’s story a few weeks ago and it got me thinking about doing something else.  Something funny, something that women could curl up with a good glass of wine and laugh over, smirk and associate themselves with, something that they could relate to and scream at the paper pages in front of them ‘ this is me!’

So I’ve done it….I am five chapters in so far in my little book.  A book about a woman who finds her husband has an affair and the car crash aftermath that follows years of bliss and domesticity.  I haven’t thought about getting this published so I will post each of the chapters as I write them here for you my readers.  So I invite you to sit back and welcome Laura to your world as I unveil chapter 1 of ‘Kitchen Worktops, Coffee Shops & Relationship Break Ups.’

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Cut The Rope Triple Treat Review

Cut the Rope Triple TreatFor Christmas, because we were heading out to California, I treated Roo to a Nintendo 3DS and she loves playing games on it.  So far she has the iconic Mario, Moshi Monsters, Zhu Zhu Pets and is asking for Animal Crossing lately.  The thing I love about the Nintendo 3DS is that there are lots of games aimed at kids 5+ and if you hunt around you can find some real bargains.

The games are fun and light hearted and recently we were given the chance to review a game called Cut the Rope: Triple Treat by Activision Publishing, Inc. This game is rated E for everyone and is rated by the ERSB.

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We’ve been making Easter eggs with Waitrose

Make your own chocolate Easter eggsThere are some review and PR opportunities that I get offered that are literally too good to pass up.  One such opportunity recently was the chance to work with Waitrose one of my favourite shops to mooch around when I am feeling in a foodie mood.  They approached myself and Roo to work with them as part of their Easter campaigns, and using a selection of their products create some tasty home-made Easter eggs.

Now I’ve never made my own Easter eggs before, I don’t in all honesty buy that many and we were always bought up that at Easter my mum and dad would buy us a small gift instead. So this year it was nice to be offered the chance to do something personal that would be a surprise for Roo when she returns from her dad’s tomorrow.

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