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Chapter 2 – A Game of Charades

Last week I posted Chapter 1 of a book I’ve been writing titled ‘Kitchen Worktops, Coffee Shops, Relationship Breakups‘.  If you’ve not read it then I’d love for you to put your feet up for five minutes and hopefully enjoy what has become a little bit of a writing obsession for me in the last three months.

I got some lovely comments on Twitter, some self published authors have emailed me encouraging me to continue, to even look at self publishing myself.  Who knows, right now I undecided.  For now here’s the next chapter of the book.

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Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner Batman!


Roo absolutely loves dressing up.  Her first costume however was not a success.  I remember buying her the Gruffalo costume thinking how cute my toddler would look in it.  This was not the reaction that actually happened when I put it on Roo who burst into tears, declared it itchy and refused it to wear it.  Back to the shop for a refund then and a big mark in the parenting fail box.

Fast forward to halloween and her costume of choice was Frankenstein…it was never going to be a witch or a bat…not with Roo it had to be something gruesome.  Now at nearly six years old her dressing up costumes consist of Spiderman, a giant spider, Frankenstein, pirates (several), a few Disney princess ones (but the tough princesses like Snow White and Merida), so when the fancy dress team at one of the leading costume companies asked us to review their kids dressing up costumes I knew exactly what she’d pick.

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Go Wild and Win Tarzan Goodies


One of the classic tales from my childhood has been given a makeover for 2014 with the release of the new Tarzan movie which hits our screens on May 2nd 2014.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ TARZAN, has been completely reimagined for this latest release and will delight viewers of all ages with it’s stunning 3D cinematography perfect for the new generation of little monkeys (and big monkeys too).

The film tells the tale of an expedition in the remote African jungle, John Greystoke and his wife are killed in a helicopter crash while investigating a mysterious meteorite site. Only their young son J.J., who calls himself Tarzan, survives. A Gorilla discovers the boy in the wreckage and brings him up as one of her own. Quickly discovering the rules of the jungle Tarzan lives as one with the apes he now calls his family. It is not until he comes into contact with another human being, the courageous and beautiful young Jane Porter, that he starts to question his past and uncover the truth of his childhood. Tarzan and Jane come together and fight to save the jungle from Greystoke Energies new CEO William Clayton, who plans to destroy the land in his search for a new energy source.

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Managing Tempers


Sounds simple advice doesn’t it? But in reality parenting on a daily basis causes mums and dads across the world to hold their hands up in exasperation.  On some days it’s easy to feel like you’re sinking in quicksand and no matter what you say to your child it seems to go in one ear and out the other.

My temper is short and Roo and I clash.  We always have.  Even when I was married there used to be times when I would despair at how I was supposed to control my temper whilst disciplining my child.  Saturday morning was a morning of exasperation and door slamming.  Roo was tired after her exertions at Legoland and began throwing a tantrum because I’d told her that a pirate costume she wanted was out of stock.  It’s easy to forget that she is only five and a half sometimes as a barrage of hurtful words rolled out of her mouth.  From things such as “I don’t want you as my mum” to “you’re stupid and know nothing and that’s why daddy doesn’t want you” whilst they may be words that have no context in her world they are still words that hurt.

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Little Highlights

Easter holidays and friendshipWell the Easter holidays have come to a close and it’s been a busy two weeks.  What with the drama of Roo refusing to go to out of school holiday club my mum had to step in and open her doors for two weeks (thank you mum, I don’t know what I’d do without you).  To be fair my mum’s amazing with Roo. She packs so much in with her that there’s never a dull day for either of them – it also brings a smile to my mum’s face and puts a spring back in her step. From heading into town for Costa coffee and babycino’s, to heading to the theatre to watch the amazing Peter Pan on ice at the Lichfield Garrick they’ve had a whale of a time.

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