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APPen Learning App & Stylus for iPad

APPen Review

Kids today are surrounded by technology.  In a digital age of iPads, tablets and e-readers they absorb knowledge via digital downloads.  Roo is quite at home doing her phonics and learning on her iPad and my general rule of thumb is that I don’t mind her using the iPad if there’s a good mix of educational -v- fun games.  So when we were asked to review the new APPen learning app with stylus on our iPad I was intrigued to see if this would help Roo with her pen control.

So what is APPen?

APPen is a rather clever piece of kit. To use APPen simply plug into the headphone jack (in our case on our iPad) it’s as easy as that, and then the app can be downloaded via either the Apple or Android store and best of all it is free. The app can be used with or without the pen but it works better with it, the only issue is that plugging into the headphone jack you do lose the sound on whatever you are using the pen with. To begin with you create a profile for whoever is using it and you can add a photo, put in the age and of course name.

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Messing Around in Boats

AMEX credit cards

When it comes to London’s events calendar, few occasions are as eagerly anticipated as the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race.

On April 6th 2014, the race will celebrate its 175th birthday, proving that it has a longevity that few sporting events can rival in the capital. The Boat Race has a status alongside the Wembley Cup Final, the men’s singles final at Wimbledon, a Six Nations match against the Welsh at Twickenham or the opening match of an Ashes series at Lords.


When it comes to historical, non-miss occasions like this, you have the perfect excuse to get out the credit card! For what better way to soak up the atmosphere by spoiling yourself rotten with good food and drink, enjoying the company of friends and engaging in a raucous day of fun and frolics.

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Beauty Bargains from Chemist Direct

professional make up casesI have a confession to make…I’m ever so slightly addicted to make up.  I have no brand affinity, or very little and will quite happily try the latest recommended beauty buys and I am a sucker for eyeshadows.  I’ve literally lost count of the numbers of eyeshadows I have bought since I started with makeup in my early teens and love to buy new colors and try out trends from the catwalk.

So when I got offered the chance to review a stunning Body Collection professional beauty case from Chemist Direct I may have just squealed ever so slightly, after all what could be better than over 60 pieces of quality make up to indulge your inner beauty queen!  The case arrived and on unpacking I was very impressed with the finish and style.  The sleek black box with it’s quilted effect covering looked professional and I loved the easy to open but secure latch fastenings.  The case is about 30cm long by about 20cm high. Once opened the trays are stacked together and then open out like a concertina.

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10 tips for setting up your own online marketing service

marketing tips

For many marketing specialists, it makes sense to be self-employed and selling your expertise online now. There’s so much work to be had, why give an employer a cut of the action when it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever to make a success of it alone?

Every business has a webpage and a social media presence, but most have no idea how to use these tools effectively to increase their sales. It’s also easier than ever to gather targeted marketing leads from the comfort of your own home, without even picking up the phone! Starting an independent, online business makes perfect sense for a lot of marketing executives but there are a few things to bear in mind before you begin.

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Let’s Talk About Sex….

SKYN Condoms

Let’s talk about sex.  Not in that terribly British taboo manner where we go all embarrassed and blush but let’s have an open honest frank discussion about sex and in particular those comedy party hats…..condoms.  I have to admit hand on heart that I’ve never been a fan of condoms; the rubbery, latex smell coupled with the fact that they look about as erotic as asking your partner to do it in their socks has always been a massive turn off for me.

Imagine it, your right in the heat of the moment and you have to break the moment to get out one of the revolting rubber party hats.  Mood killed. Passion killed.  Back to Scrabble and a mug of cocoa it is then. If you do manage to fit the condom there’s always the ‘it’s not quite the same feeling’ sensation as many brands are too thick and clearly haven’t been designed with the aim of pleasuring the female of the species, and my experience with condoms has never been an enjoyable one.

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