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School Admissions Judgement Day

So the deadline of 1st March is looming – it is actually ringed in red on the calendar in our house. Why? Because that’s the school admissions judgement day for us here in the West Midlands.

I applied back in January for our chosen school for Roo having seen three of the schools in the village last year. At the time the primary school had offered us a place for mornings in the reception class and I had gladly accepted this.

However, then the system changed and we had to jump through Local Authority hoops again as they had re-taken control of school admissions.

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Cast Your Vote for the New Kiddicare Store

Kiddicare is the baby superstore offering a wide range of products and accessories for babies, including cots, buggies, prams, toys, clothing and much more. They’ve been in my favourites since I got pregnant three and a half years ago. The only problem is that I have to do all my shopping online as the actual store is too far away from me. However, that could all change thanks to the chance to cast your vote for the new Kiddicare store.

Living in Birmingham I am championing the Birmingham campaign and believe it would be a fantastic city to have the store in. Birmingham is the heartland of the UK and has one of the best road and rail networks in which to get into the city. There’s convenient parking and loads to do when you get into the city so you can have a really great day out as well as getting some essential baby bargains. With the Bullring Shopping Centre already housing some of the biggest names in retail on the highstreet it now needs a serious baby & toddler superstore to give parents somewhere to get everything under one roof.

Kiddicare is putting it’s customers in the driving seat and giving them the chance to choose where its next Super Store opens this Autumn. To have your say and get Birmingham as the next Kiddicare store you need to do the following:-

  • Like Kiddicare’s Facebook page to take part in the vote and also enter a special competition to win a £1,500 personal shopping spree at the new store!

The opinion of its customers is so important to Kiddicare, it’s giving its online community the chance to decide which former Best Buy site will reopen as a Kiddicare super store first, following the acquisition of ten locations earlier this year. There are currently six stores in the running which are ‘ready to be born’!

I love social media; it’s one of the reasons why I blog and the #NewArrivals social media application encourages fans to vote for their nearest Kiddicare store and gives you the chance to win a once in a life time prize for taking part. One lucky winner, chosen at random from entries for the winning location, will receive an exclusive pre-opening Very Important Baby ‘VIB’ personal shopping service and £1,500 worth of vouchers to be spent in the new store.

Stocking thousands of baby and nursery essentials under one roof and offering exceptional service including free car seat fittings and product repairs, Kiddicare is the one stop shop for every family’s needs.

Visit www.facebook.com/kiddicare before 9th March to vote for your area and enter this amazing competition.

As an extra bonus you can also be in for winning one £30 voucher to spend online at Kiddicare.com so even if you can’t get to a store you can still take advantage of the amazing deals. To enter simply follow the instructions below and you will be entered.

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Nothing like being kicked when you’re down

So as most of you know I have been poorly sick for nigh on two weeks now; what started off as a bit of a mild dose of flu with aches and a head cold progressed into full blown bronchitis and I’ve been working from home last week.

As the week went on things got progressively worse and finally I managed to get back into see my GP (it’s harder than breaking into the Pentagon believe me) to get some more tablets as the first lot were as useful as a chocolate fireguard. So my bronchitis is worse apparently which means stronger tablets, also going for a chest x-ray and then two lots of blood tests for white cell count and thyroid problems.

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The cost of a weekly family shop

This week I met the lovely @baby_genie on twitter; instantly I was jealous of her avatar.  Have a look you’ll see why.  She’s rocking a gorgeous fur hat, stunning red hair and looks far too fresh faced to be a mummy (I need to quiz her about what her secret is as I look haggard as hell this week).

We started a bit of a twitter debate about the cost of a weekly family shop.  I don’t know about anyone else but the price of food in the supermarkets is rocketing and I’ve been making a conscious effort to seriously cut back.  There was a variety of replies from my fellow mummy’s on twitter about the cost of their shop from one super frugal mummy coming in at £40 I think it was and then the majority of people hitting £120 – £150 most weeks.

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Late to bed leads to a grumpy toddler for the school run

This morning contained several bang head against brick wall moments with Roo and the school run.

I had only been discussing with him in doors how we had turned a corner in recent weeks and the defiance and reluctance to get washed and dressed willingly had pretty much ceased. It would appear as a result of my early optimism the gods of parenting decided to strike me with their rods of wrath.

Last night I picked Roo up from pre-school and we came home to have a cup of tea, play Zoobles (which arrived yesterday from we have no idea who) and mummy did some ironing. It got to 6:20 pm and I set the pinger on the cooker for bath time. Pinger goes and up we race upstairs. Roo jumps in the shower with daddy and then it’s bed time routine of pj’s, stories, hugs and lights out. Usually without fail we get her in bed for as close to 7pm as we can. Her day is pretty long as she’s at pre-school from 7:35 till I pick her up around 5pm.

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