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Dinosaurs On The Loose…

There are rumours on the high street that dinosaurs have been seen at one of London’s top attractions….this real “eye witness” footage shows there is truth in the rumours and parents had better be on their guard.  

After 65 million years they’re back!

Are you ready for what’s coming this Autumn…..

Lotties Loves

Avon Breast Cancer Baking Kit

Baking cakes is a great fun activity to do with Addison, she loves to mix all the ingredients together and as I did when I was young she often sneaks a dip of the yummy cake mixture before it goes into the cake tins or cases.  When I was asked recently to review the new Avon Breast Cancer Crusade baking kit I jumped at the chance, not only could we make yummy cakes but in doing so we could help support a really good cause.

October is Breast Cancer awareness month and with the kit arriving now this would give me plenty of chance to do a trial run before then!  The kit arrived and I loved the presentation tin that it came in, very hand for storing the cup cakes afterwards providing little hands and mouths didn’t demolish them first.

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Lotties Loves

Reading before bedtime

I absolutely love books, I always have. There’s something really comforting about settling down with a good book and indulging yourself into another world of fantasy and make believe. It is something I am keen for Addison to also enjoy and every night since she was born myself and my other half have read her a story.

I believe that this part of her bed time routine is so special. As she’s got older now it is lovely to jump on her bed together at bed time, snuggle up for a cuddle and read the story of her choice. I read to her and then she reads the book to me in her own way. Whether that be trying to copy the way I say words or just pointing to pictures and making up her version of the story.

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Crocs shoes for kids…


Call me fussy but so far I’ve only bought Addison proper fitted shoes for her feet.  I just have this belief that little feet deserve shoes that are the right size and width so that she doesn’t end up with foot problems in later life.  The problem with this is the rate kids go through shoes!

At nearly three she must be on her 5th pair and some of them have only been worn once or twice and then sold on eBay or given to charity.  It has seriously begun to annoy me at the cost of kids shoes compared to adult shoes and the fact that they are so short lived.  My solution – last week we bought her a pair of Crocs.

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