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10 tips for setting up your own online marketing service

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For many marketing specialists, it makes sense to be self-employed and selling your expertise online now. There’s so much work to be had, why give an employer a cut of the action when it’s easier and more cost-effective than ever to make a success of it alone?

Every business has a webpage and a social media presence, but most have no idea how to use these tools effectively to increase their sales. It’s also easier than ever to gather targeted marketing leads from the comfort of your own home, without even picking up the phone! Starting an independent, online business makes perfect sense for a lot of marketing executives but there are a few things to bear in mind before you begin.

Online Marketing

If you’re striking out on your own and approaching companies asking for business, expect them to do their research on you. Make sure your Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook profiles are all up to date, professional and that they help to market you. Larger clients might delve into your credit history, so it’s definitely worth getting yourself a CreditExpert free credit report as part of a 30 day trial. Knowing your credit history means if there are any nasty surprises, you can iron them out before they’re discovered. This free credit report will help you get financial backing for your business too, should you need it.

Understand your demographic and target them. Don’t cast your net too widely as you’ll end up appealing to nobody.

Make sure you have grasped the basics of the most widely-used SEO practices, so that you can at least outsource the right product, even if you’re not applying the techniques yourself.

If you need some testimonials to back up your claims, offer out some freebies, on the understanding that you receive testimonials back. Don’t forget that tweets praising your services from customers serve as testimonials too!

If your marketing advice inadvertently causes anybody to lose money, there could be repercussions. Check with a solicitor to see if the sort of business service you are providing requires you to invest in indemnity insurance.


If you’re sending out an email marketing campaign to get hold of some new clients, pay attention to the sort of provider you use. If your campaign ends up in the recipients’ junk folders, then it’s all been a waste of your time.

Establish your brand by making sure you stand out from the masses. Sell your USP and make sure that brand is immediately recognisable across the various platforms you use. Using an image of yourself, rather than a logo or a graphic will make people more likely to use your services. People buy from people!

When you choose the name for your company, pick something with a relevant keyword in the title. This will ensure you rank well on the internet search engines

Don’t be afraid to ask for the business

Get the tone right. An online business presence, particularly on social media platforms, is less formal than face to face business negotiations. If you get the tone wrong, you won’t gain the confidence of the companies you are targeting.

Good luck! There are so many visible marketing opportunities to be had, without having to use a middle man of any kind. Make the most of them!


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