Peace of mind with Petplan Pet Insurance

When we got Patch a year ago I don’t think I fully appreciated just how much of a change to our life he would make.  When people say that their pets, and in our case a dog, are like part of the family they aren’t lying.  Patch is always there at the end of a long day with his waggy tail, doggy hugs and excited kisses and he feels everything we feel and is much more than just a pet. 

That’s why it was a no brainer to take out pet insurance for him because should the worst ever happen I want to be able to take as good care of him and after doing a comparison on insurance policies online Petplan pet insurance gave me the best level of cover for my budget.  

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Top 10 Valentines Day Gifts

No Chocolate, Flowers or Fluffy Teddy’s allowed!
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but what special gift are you treating your loved one to? We’ve put together the ultimate guide of stand out Valentines Day gifts that are sure to keep you in the good books!

1)  A4 Cinema Lightbox – £10.19 from The Fowndry
With space for 3 lines of text and 85 individual letters, numbers and symbols you can display any lovey dovey message of your choice. There are also six extra blank tiles so you can get creative and make your own unique designs. All of which can be handily stashed in a panel at the back.

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Beating Blue Monday with Pukka Herbs

With Blue Monday looming, Co-founder and Master Herbsmith of Pukka Herbs, Sebastian Pole recommends three brews to help chase away the blues. 

Sebastian Pole, author of new herbal tea recipe book, ‘Cleanse, Nurture, Restore’, says: “Living well means nurturing and nourishing both mind and body and what better and simpler way to do this than with a balancing and restoring cup of herbal tea.” 

There are many different types to enjoy, yet certain herbs are shown to have more ‘uplifting’ benefits and contain specific feel-good compounds to brighten mood, in particular, turmeric, green, matcha and tulsi tea. 

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A Step by Step Guide to Hygge at K Spa London

The pronunciation, spelling and meaning of ‘Hygge’ has had the nation perplexed for weeks. Put simply, Hygge (or Hue-Gah) is the art of ‘creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.’ For weeks now, we’ve been desperately hoarding sofa blankets and lighting scented candles in an effort to achieve Danish style and finally become a Hygge-ing nation. 

With the coveted movement growing ever popular in the UK, K Spa invites you to lay off the Yankee candles and retreat to Shepherd’s Bush to enjoy the ultimate Hygge spa day in London.

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