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7 Mother’s Day Facts

addison is a bear

There is one day of the year when we have to make an extra special effort for our mums. Regardless of whether you go for an expensive slap-up meal or simply buy a bunch of flowers, every mum around the world appreciates a little bit of extra love and attention on this day.

joys of being a mum

My mum and I are exceptionally close and even though she pretends Mother’s Day isn’t her thing I love doing something extra special for her each year to remind her just how amazing she is.  As a mum myself I have loved getting home made cards and presents you cannot beat it.

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Pancake Day Fun with Clarks Maple Syrup and Lactofree


This week on the blog there was some great brand synergy going on when both Lactofree and Clarks Maple Syrup wrote to me asking to take part in pancake day related fun.  We love pancakes, although I admit I hate the mess, and having been chosen to be a Lactofree Ambassadairy for 2014 I was ready to take up the challenge of making delicious dairy free pancakes for me.  The team at Clarks Maple syrup set us the dilemma of #MaplevLemon in terms of pancake toppings and sent us a fantastic goodie box with lemons, sugar and of course a large bottle of Clarks Maple syrup.

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Beautiful winter coats from House of Fraser


Winter seems to have been here for ever.  For months we have woken up to wind, rain, cold and a little bit of snow here and there.  To be honest I have been dreaming of warmer weather.  Of wearing my flip flops again, painted toes, strappy dresses and ice cream. Well I was until the House of Fraser outreach team invited me to review one of their beautiful winter coats to keep cosy in over the last few weeks.

I am a bugger for coats.  The poor coat rack in my little under stairs cupboard groans under the weight of coats.  Colleagues at work have jokingly referred to me as ‘Charlotte and her never ending coats’ and despite none of my winter coats being tatty or out of date I find myself buying a new one every winter.

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FitFlop Shoes for Spring from Shoetique


It has been beautifully sunny the last two days.  If you glanced out your window and saw large expanses of blue sky you could easily be forgiven for thinking that spring has arrived.  The fact that the temperature remains a seriously chilly three degrees reminds me it has not.  That doesn’t though stop me dreaming of being able to put my big winter boots into storage and bring out the new gorgeous cream FitFlop shoes that I got sent a few weeks back ready to treat my feet when the better weather arrives.

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