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Christmas Gifts for Her


It is that time of the year again, the trees are going up, my work colleagues have decorated the office and the house opposite is doing a great impression of an airport runway at night with some serious Christmas light action.  Yes Christmas is less than 4 weeks away now and most people are probably stressing about Christmas gifts this year and what to get everyone.  Undoubtedly women are the hardest to buy for, take my mother for example.  If you ask her what she wants she will nonchalantly reply with ‘nothing, I’ve got everything I need.’

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KidStart Christmas Campaign Aims to Help Parents Save for The Future


It’s that time of year again. Darker evenings, Christmas music everywhere you go, mince pies and wallets throughout the UK are being emptied as Christmas shoppers stock up on gift for their friends, families and loved ones.

Mulled wine and mince pies might leave stomachs feeling full, but the most expensive time of the year can leave a big hole in the bank balance. The cost of Christmas certainly isn’t getting smaller and as a single parent this year I am well aware of the financial constraints that I will have on my budget as well as the long wish list that will no doubt be written for Santa very soon.

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Scrummy lunches with John West


The one thing I have noticed since going to work full time is just how insanely organised I have to be and that means finding quick and easy lunch solutions that will keep me going all day and particularly through the ever so familiar 3pm slump.

Breakfast is easy; a bowl of Shreddies and a bagel keeps me topped up till about eleven when I usually reach for an apple.  I’ve started swapping my coffee for herbal tea and water now and find that this keeps my stomach less bloated and helps my digestive system from feel stodged out.

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Need a Cure for Christmas Clothing?

Cosy knitwear for Winter with some burgundy accessories

Occasionally in your local town those little boutiques spring up.  You know the ones that sell gorgeous clothes that you don’t find on the high street. They have wonderful accessories from off the beaten track designers that when you wear friends want to know where you got them from.  Well in Lichfield we are blessed with an absolute gem of a store in Cure.

Cure is an Independent Ladies Premium Clothing, Shoes and Accessories boutique.   The store opened in April 2005 in the beautiful Cathedral City of Lichfield, Staffordshire and, from December 2009 started to sell online to a wider audience at

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